Quality Policy

Innovative Services, Reliability and a high level of Customer Focus – that is what Marquard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG stands for.

It is our goal, to be regarded by our customers as a trustworthy partner, and to continually assure them every day with our individual, tailor-made and innovative Services of the highest quality.

In order to achieve this goal we have introduced guidelines into our company which form the framework for our daily operations at the highest possible level.


As a medium-sized family enterprise with a meanwhile more than 30 – year Tradition, we see the basis for our success in the continual expansion of our Service provision areas and the willingness to provide innovative and individual Services in the areas of Engineering and Personnel Services for the calculation, planning and commissioning for major Power Plant projects. In order to support our continual growth and expand our standing on the market, we optimise our Service offers with regard to the demands of the market on a regular basis whilst expanding our business areas, always taking into account sustainability and environmental friendliness.  Our independence and autonomy is also the basis for the successful development of our company in the future.


Our employees are our most valued asset. With their hard work and specialist knowledge they ensure the expansion of Marquard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG . We work daily together with them in order to achieve our company goals. Our company culture, which values and supports our employees, gives them the opportunity for professional and personal advancement.

Equal opportunities for men and women, cultural diversity, and a fair payment linked to performance is for us a matter of course. Marquard Engineering GmbH & Co. KG is against any form of discrimination.

Also in the area of occupational health and safety, we strive for continuous improvement of our already high level SHE/SGA management system. The goal is to protect the health and integrity of our employees from health hazards and risks, to maintain and promote them, and to enable undisturbed economic work processes at our customers' sites.


We aim to satisfy our customers completely and to bond them to us long-term with our high Service orientation, our individually formed and innovative offers and reliable performance.

Our constant availability over our Customer Hotline, the regular and performance orientated advanced training of our employees as well as the continuous expansion and optimisation of our Service offers reflect this attitude.


We continually monitor the requirements and wishes of our customers and deliver Service performance of the highest level. We ensure this high standard through our practice-oriented quality management system, which ensures the stabilization as well as constant optimization and improvement of our offers through internal processes, which is also officially proven by the certification of accredited companies such as TÜV and Dekra every year.


With this policy as well as with our daily actions, we undertake to use all the requirements of our applied standards - 45001, 9001, SCP, HOAI, VDI, VOB, DIN and many more - in their current version and to always comply with the rules. These standards give us orientation, support us in quality assurance and in the implementation of our high goals in occupational safety.


We are aware of our responsibility for the protection and preservation of the natural environment. We strive to avoid or at least minimise any pollution and safety risk that results from our enterprise and our work processes. A careful and economical handling of natural resources and a reduction of waste identifies our understanding of practical environmental protection.

Volker Marquard